For same day escorting, companionship, and/or domination call: 613-282-4775
Except for same day fun and escorting,  
Valerie's preferred contact method is by email at:


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Ottawa Escort Valerie has the following rules:

Relax and enjoy your time with me. I am here to please you.
I have fun providing a fun experience. I appreciate having a good time, too.
After we start, please, feel comfortable and tell me what you enjoy and what makes you happy.
If I say or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, please, tell me.
I would like to do my very best to please you. I enjoy putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
I respect your privacy at all times and ask that you respect mine. Please, no public reviews.
No biting!
Your Temporary Girlfriend and Ottawa escort, Valerie

Drinks not required.