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Valerie's rates are a reflection of the supply and demand for class companionship and escorting, the time and effort that is required to develop and maintain a high client satisfaction rate, the actual and perceived risks of this type of endeavor, competition, politics, laws affecting this type of business, and other market factors related to escorting. 

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Repeat Clients:


Valerie enjoys her repeat clients and offers them extra cuddles and giggles.  As Valerie does not keep track of visits, there are no discounts for repeat clients.



Minimum Charge:


The minimum charge is for one half hour of Valerie's time. Rushed visits are not interesting, fun, and friendly and therefore not done. Please, see Valerie's Thanks page and especially comments from George and Lloyd to get a better flavor of what happens during visits.  Potential clients are asked to consider this minimum time frame if they are booking time off during their usual business hours.  Valerie would like all of her clients to enjoy the full amount of time paid for.

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Visits at Valerie's Place:


Incall escorting appointments are available at Valerie's location near the Carling and Kirkwood exit from the Queensway.  The fee for the desired time for incall visits is payable immediately upon entry to the location.  Anyone asking explicit questions or engaging in conduct which is inappropriate to a gentleman will be asked to leave immediately.  Anyone asked to leave will have the fee for time refunded but the show up fee will not be refunded as it will be used to compensate Valerie for stress caused by rude behavior.  The maximum time for an incall escorting visit is four hours. Visits longer than four hours are available on an outcall basis only.  Escorting visits which involve an overnight stay are not available at Valerie's location.  Valerie will entertain a maximum of one person at a time at her location.  Visits involving more than one client will be done on an outcall basis only.

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Extra Charges:


Valerie's rates for her escorting services are all-inclusive and are for the full amount of time scheduled. There are NO extra charges for special requests and extra fun of any kind.

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Valerie's escorting rates are NOT negotiable. There are NO discounts. There are NO special rates for anyone because everyone is special in different ways. Valerie does not enjoy bargaining.  There are NO discounts for anything large such as large residences, large hotel rooms, large attitudes, etc.  Valerie appreciates referrals to your friends and buddies who may enjoy Valerie's escorting services in Ottawa and elsewhere. However, to make sure that these referrals are honest, there are no discounts offered for them.

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Show Up Charge:


The show up fee applies when under the following three circumstances: when Valerie attends an escorting appointment and finds that the client is not comfortable, when the client shows up at Valerie's location and proceeds to ask any explicit questions or engage in any behavior unworthy of a gentleman, and when one party in a couple engages Valerie's services and the other party in the couple does not wish to proceed.  If the visit involved travel, the travel charges will apply as well as the show up fee.  The show up fee and the travel charge, if applicable, are not charged if Valerie meets the client(s) and decides not to proceed with the visit.  Valerie would like all of her clients to have an excellent time with her and she therefore encourages potential clients to enjoy her website in order to develop a high comfort level with both her and her escorting services.  Valerie enjoys surprises of the happy kind and does not want anyone to be offended.  She fully realizes that not everyone is comfortable hiring a temporary companion and escort.  The show up charge is $50 cash.

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Large Bills:


Valerie is proud to be better prepared than most Ottawa merchants are.  She will accept large bills in both Canadian and USA funds.  All large bills are put through a counterfeit currency detector.  This gadget always travels with Valerie so there is no need to notify Valerie of one's payment plans in advance.  Valerie prefers large bills to smaller ones, as they are more efficient to carry around. The verification of large bills is done on Valerie's time and not on the client's time.

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Credit Cards:


Valerie does not accept payment by credit card.

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Pay Pal:


Valerie does not accept payment by Pay Pal.

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Traveler's Checks:


Valerie does not accept payment by traveler's check.

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Personal and Business Checks:


Personal and business checks are not acceptable as a form of payment for Valerie's escorting services.  Valerie is certain that most everyone is honest most of the time.  However, the risk factor for personal and business checks is too high.  Valerie believes in safety in all matters including those relating to payment.

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Rate Changes:


Valerie's rates may change from time to time.  All such rate changes will be advertised on Valerie's website.  In fairness to the client, if there are any rate changes between the time that an escorting appointment is booked and the time that the appointment actually happens, the lower rate will apply.  If there are any changes in rates between the time of inquiry and the time of booking, the rate at the time that the booking takes place will apply.

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Refund requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Valerie suggests her guests consider the amount of personal escape time from their worldly obligations and/or health considerations to ensure a happy and successful date before booking the visit. Refunds, when given, will be issued in the same method of payment as the original payment. Refunds, when given, will be prorated based on the time already used by the rendezvous. If a guest chooses to abuse refund privileges, Valerie may decline to book any future dates with that guest.

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Valerie greatly enjoys providing a professional service in a warm and friendly manner to her clientele.  As a professional person, Valerie feels that tipping is not required but it is appreciated.  Like any person in the service industry, Valerie feels rewarded when she is tipped as this provides positive feedback for an excellent escorting service beyond the expected.  Like most women, Valerie enjoys money.

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