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Ottawa escort Valerie's rates are posted on the Rates page. This page is for the little extras which are not required. As Valerie has been asked about her preferences before, this list has been compiled and it allows you to get to know Valerie in a personal way.


Medical things:
Ottawa escort Valerie was in an accident and needs to visits her chiropractor regularly who is working diligently on Valerie’s back and other practical parts. Chiropractic care is not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Furthermore, escorting is not an insurable profession and does not qualify for extended health care benefits. Valerie believes in high standards of care. Valerie appreciates any extra amount toward chiropractic, uninsured medical, and dental care.

Smelly things:
Valerie loves cut flowers especially carnations in all colors. Roses have wonderful soft petals and are a delight to the nose.

Tasty things:
Valerie prefers chocolate sweetened without sugar. She likes health food and healthy food of all sorts and all manner of herbs, spices and herbal teas. Gift certificates to any health food store would be much appreciated. Valerie is not a vegetarian and loves seafood and meat of all types. Valerie is partial to lobster and steak. Valerie does not drink alcohol so please do not bring wine as a gift. You may bring wine for your own consumption. Valerie is quite sweet already and prefers all things without sugar. Valerie likes fresh fruit of all types.

Soft things:
Valerie loves lingerie including sexy see through bras and silky panties. As Valerie is quite picky in her selections, gift certificates to lingerie stores would be preferred. Valerie will be happy to email you a photograph of the fun and soft item that was purchased with the certificate.

Hard things:
Valerie is a computer nut and would appreciate gift certificates for computer stores. There is always a new upgrade to be had.

Educational things:
Chapters and other pleasant book stores call Valerie's name frequently. Gift certificates to Ottawa book stores are appreciated.

Attractive things:
Valerie likes to maintain her beauty. Hence gift certificates for beauty care of all sorts would be useful. Manicures, pedicures, massages, salon and spa treatments and hair care would help keep Valerie looking delightful.

Practical things:
Valerie is always looking to expand her sex toy collection, and provide better adult Ottawa escort services and more dominant domination services. Appropriate gadgets would be helpful. Valerie is looking to expand her fetish wear collection and is looking for outfits in latex and leather. She always needs more see through blouses and see through bras. Valerie would appreciate more fetish shoes. Gift certificates to sex shops would help augment Valerie's collection and result in more fun items for you.

Personal things:
Valerie adores real silk underwear. The thought of all those silkworms hard at work is quite appealing.

Fun things:
Valerie is expanding her CD collection. CDs of music from France and Quebec would sound pleasant. Valerie is also looking for music for Muslim ears.

Thank you,

Ottawa escorts - Funvalerie.